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Taj Hotel & Convention Centre Agra - Family Getaways Winter Offer
Family Getaways Winter Offer
Braganza House welcomes you with impressive cobalt blue and white indo-portuguese style tile pattern, strategically used to give the sense of the place. It houses four bed rooms ranging from 20-26 sq m with attached bathrooms, a living room of 20 sq m, dining area with an open kitchen of 33 sq m which opens into a landscape space.
Bungalow Rooms in Goa at Braganza House
Bed Breakfast and More
Indulge yourself with a variety of regional local cuisine available at our bungalows with Breakfast inclusive rate.
Dining Hall at Braganza House
All Meal Inclusive Offer
Indulge in an unforgettable curated dining experience and savor authentic Indian comfort food with All Meals inclusive rate.
Best Bungalow in Goa, Braganza House
Add more value to your stay with Breakfast and One Major Meal inclusive rate.