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Best Bungalow in Coorg at Taneerhulla Bungalow
Family Getaway Offer
At a height of 900 mtr, drive into the winding road through the blue and white gates of the Woshully Estate into the Taneerhulla Bungalow. Named after the Kodagu term for "cold water" is a reminscence of the water body which ripples with the slow breeze. The Bungalow is a piece of heaven tucked in the coffee estate of Woshully. The manicured garden around the Bungalow offers you a variety of outdoor games to play your hands on or just sit back & feast your eyes to the shrubs, the creepers & a rainbow of flowers aorund. The Bungalow steps its foot into the old history of the colonial times, be it the intricate carpet which warms your toes or the pure hardwood four poster beds which have been intricately maintained. The Taneerhulla Bungalow has metamorphosised from an antique blissful haven to a seasoned bungalow with a touch of modernisation. The Estate that adorns this jewel is not only famous for its Robusta coffee but also for the Mandarin Oranges that grows in conjugation with coffee, adding that citrus note to your brew's aroma.
Aerial View of Bungalow in Coorg, Taneerhulla Bungalow
Bed Breakfast and More
Indulge yourself with a variety of regional local cuisine available at our bungalows with Breakfast inclusive rate.